AiLux takes part in the 5th edition of the Cset Conference of 11/06/2019

Cyber Security for national critical infrastructures: 5th conference in Genoa

AiLux is present at the 5th edition of the Cset Conference on safety for national critical infrastructures. This type of site, essential and of vital importance, provides primary services for us citizens and for the entire economic and industrial system of our country. Criminal or terrorist actions aimed at disrupting an infrastructure could have a catastrophic impact that undermines our security and collective well-being. It is therefore necessary to safeguard the integrity of these sites by eliminating their vulnerability. With our remote terminal units equipped with IEC62351 protocol integration we can make production centers and multi-utility storage sites safer.

Automation systems for electrical sub-stations

We develop flexible and ready-to-go architectures for the automation and remote monitoring of public, private and Multi-utility electrical stations.


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