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"Emotions don't seem like a very useful simulation for a robot. I don't want my toaster or my vacuum cleaner appearing emotional."
Spooner, 2004

“Balanging based” Demand Response System

AiLux, in anticipation of the first #UVAM call for participation in the dispatching services market, supplies the concentrator equipment (PRIMARY & BACKUP) and all the architecture approved by #Terna, including the new #Cisco ISR 4331 / K9 routers and the system supervisor application for protocol # IEC60870-5-104 creating a “balanging based” Demand Response system. The […]

LoRaWan devices

AiLux realizes some LoRaWan devices for data collection in the field, relating to the measurement of the temperature and pressure of the pipes for district heating. LoRa (Lo ng Ra ESN) is a digital patent of wireless data communication technology developed by Cycleo of Grenoble, France, and acquired by Semtech in 2012. LoRa uses sub-gigahertz […]

Monitoring of voltage quality

AiLux installs the MP3G apparatus for monitoring the quality of the voltage and the micro-interruptions that meets the requirements of Article 23 that responds to the Terna specification “Technical monitoring of micro-interruptions technical specification rev. 1.0 of 31/03/2016 “. It offers the AT / AAT customer the opportunity to make use of the regulations in […]

Data Communication and Service Quality Mode

AiLux installs the MP3G device for the mode of data communication and the quality of the service that meets the requirements of Article 24 relative to Resolution 653/2015 / R / EEL. The AT users must make the voltage and power factor measurements available on a quarterly hourly basis at Terna, within the month following […]

APPARATUS UPDC-Unit Peripheral Posting Loads

AiLux installs UPDC-Device Units for Loads Distribution Units (remote control systems specifically designed for interruptible customers). Users wishing to access tenders for the assignment of interruptibility quotas can use this equipment as it complies with the provisions of the Technical Requirements for connection to the interruptible switch table. With the interruptibility service, the client company […]


AiLux installs the equipment satisfying the remote control and data acquisition criteria towards Terna Rete Italia (annex A6), which offers the possibility to connect directly to customer data (digital inputs, analog inputs) or via communication protocols such as Modbus / Siemens PDU. WHY TERNA ANNEX 6: The prescriptions contained in the document apply to all […]

Monitoring Water level in a Dam

The only connection between the dam and the control station is given by the power cable. Checking as well as remote activation are also possible thanks to the Powerline communication. In telecommunications, the powerline is a technology for the transmission of voice or data that uses the power supply network as a transmission medium. It […]

Management of street lighting and private environments

Remote dimmering via Powerline The MP320 hardware makes it possible to control light intensity as well as when to turn lights on/off in different environments. That is the case of street lighting. The main advantage is that feeder cables already present can be used, also for data communication, and therefore, there is no need to […]

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