APPARATUS UPDC-Unit Peripheral Posting Loads

AiLux installs UPDC-Device Units for Loads Distribution Units (remote control systems specifically designed for interruptible customers). Users wishing to access tenders for the assignment of interruptibility quotas can use this equipment as it complies with the provisions of the Technical Requirements for connection to the interruptible switch table.

With the interruptibility service, the client company is available to interrupt its electricity supply, in case of need, receiving a cash compensation from the owner of the electricity grid (TERNA) as compensation. Terna, responsible for dispatching energy throughout the country, may need to temporarily “disconnect” from the supply of electricity some utilities to manage the needs of others, or in the event of a national emergency. This mechanism takes place in real time to guarantee the stability and security of the general electricity grid.

Interruptibility – technical glossary:

BMI – Banco Manovra Interrupibili;
UPDC – Peripheral Unit for Loads Unloading;
ROUTER – Connects the UPDC to the BMI system via two separate telephone lines;
CDN / PVC – Main data connection;
ISDN – Secondary data connection (Line in Backup) with different operator;
INTERRUPTIBLE WEBSITE – Industrial plant where there are one or more interruptible loads, connected to TERNA’s BMI;
INTERRUPTIBLE LOAD – Electrical circuit of the user belonging to one or more electric consumers equipped with switch (s) and power converter, “telecontrollable / i” through UPDC from TERNA;

Each interruptible site must be equipped with:

One or more UPDCs placed in sealable closet.
A Router placed in a sealable closet.
A CDN connection to the TERNA data network.
An ISDN connection to the TERNA data network.
Measurement of plant power (exchanged power (- / +) and switch status)
Uninterruptible power supply to keep UPDC, ROUTER and measurement equipment active.
A communication monitoring system with TERNA.

Each interruptible load must make visible to TERNA:

The power consumed in an instantaneous way (also as the sum of several electric users)
The state of the switch (also as a logical sum of several switches).
Be equipped with a direct opening command and a blocking command when the circuit-breaker closes.
It must guarantee an opening time of 200 msec or 5 sec (emergency)

UPDC contents:

RTU implemented according to Annex A41.
RTU configured as shown in Annex A42.
Installation of external GPS antenna.


Industrial solution (rack, terminal blocks)
Signal acquisition times no longer than 1 msec
Summing function of internal measures
Function of logical summation of internal states
IOA generation for states and intermediate measures
Generation of IEC-104 messages even in the absence of communication with TERNA
Solution with possibility of hot backup (redundant UPDC) scalable


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