“Balanging based” Demand Response System

AiLux, in anticipation of the first #UVAM call for participation in the dispatching services market, supplies the concentrator equipment (PRIMARY & BACKUP) and all the architecture approved by #Terna, including the new #Cisco ISR 4331 / K9 routers and the system supervisor application for protocol # IEC60870-5-104 creating a “balanging based” Demand Response system.

The UVAM mixed virtual units are characterized by the presence of non-significant production units (whether they are programmable or non-programmable), including storage systems, and consumption units.

For consultation of the operators, Terna has published the documentation (attached below) on the pilot project for the participation in the market of dispatching services of mixed enabled virtual units (UVAM), pursuant to Resolution 300/2017 / R / eel of the Regulatory Authority for Networks and Environment.

The Market for the Dispatching Service (MSD) is the tool through which Terna S.p.A. it procures resources necessary for the management and control of the system (resolution of intrasal congestions, creation of the energy reserve, balancing in real time). On the MSD, Terna acts as a central counterparty and the accepted offers are remunerated at the price presented (pay-as-bid).

The role of the Balancing Service Provider (BSP) is played by a trader. This can be either the holder of the withdrawal points associated with the UVC, or a third-party aggregator who has received a specific mandate.

Demand Response allows commercial and industrial consumers to respond to market signals by increasing or reducing their energy consumption, with the aim of responding to electricity supply or demand peaks, allowing greater flexibility and stability of the grid and a more efficient use infrastructure and energy resources.

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