HART- Highway Addressable Remote Transducer – is a widespread communication protocol in the field of automation field for two-way digital information transmission via a twisted pair cable usually used to transmit an analog signal in current (4–20 mA).
HART communicates at 1200 bps and imposes this digital signal on a 4-20 mA signal without interfering with the latter. This allows keeping traditional analog wiring, still very widespread, but also communicating advanced information if necessary.
A typical application is communication between a smart analog sensor and a monitoring control unit. As the sensor permanently transmits its analog measurement, the control unit can read and change the local settings of the sensor, for example, the measurement range, via HART in the same connection.

Automation systems for Oil & Gas systems

Thanks to digital LonWorks technologies and Profibus and Hart-bus networks, we offer support to engineer communication solutions in the Oil&Gas sector.


AiLux installs the equipment satisfying the remote control and data acquisition criteria towards Terna Rete…