LonWorks is a digital communication technology on Bus created to particularly guarantee performance, reliability, flexibility and ease of installation/ maintenance of distributed intelligence automation systems.
The technology is based on a protocol originally developed by Echelon Corporation for network devices or nodes that could communicate by means of different types of physical connections such as twisted pair cables,
power-line carriers, optical fibre, radio transmissions and the very popular and well-known TCP/IP.
The protocol, historically named LonTalk, implements all of the seven layers of the ISO/OSI model and today it is an international standard under the name of ISO/IEC 14908.

Automation systems for Oil & Gas systems

Thanks to digital LonWorks technologies and Profibus and Hart-bus networks, we offer support to engineer communication solutions in the Oil&Gas sector.


AiLux installs the equipment satisfying the remote control and data acquisition criteria towards Terna Rete…