Board with 32-bit microprocessor, RS-232/RS-485 serial, Ethernet. It supports different communication protocols according to the requirements: IEC104, Modbus Master/Slave RTU or TCP, MySQL Client, Siemens S7, etc…
It can be expanded with digital and analog boards.
The MP320 is a device of the Mosaic series that can communicate through serial connection, Ethernet connection and GSM/GPRS. Moreover, other devices can be interfaced by means of a specific bus. It mainly works as:

– Web server (industrial automation/Home);
– Gateway (PPP, Ethernet/CAN, LON, MODBUS, M-BUS);
– RTU 60870 − 5 − 104;
– AMR.
The container of the MP320 has the DIN EN 60715 mounting rail.



By means of AP-PL-MP320, remote control functions can be developed by sending commands via the Powerline. Thanks to this function, devices can be controlled without laying new cables or devices positioned in areas in which other communication channels cannot be used.

Regarding the AP-PL-IOA, the AP-PL-MP320 provides a more extended Powerline communication band (up to 500 kHz). This makes available more communication channels and guarantees a safer channel. However, communication is possible on the power line also in the bands usually used by the AP-PL-IOA.

Application examples

  • Remote driving of polyps in scrap yards via Powerline;
  • Process control of the water level in the dam;
  • Remote dimmering via Powerline.


In the basic configuration, the AP-PL-MP320 has two modules:

  • AP-PL31/AP-PL2200: A module that manages the power supply of the entire device and the Powerline communication. Depending on the transmission band, the module AP-PL31 (band A, band C), or the module AP-PL2200 (up to 500 kHz) can be used;
  • AP-MP320: CPU board that manages the entire device. One of the several functions, it supplies Ethernet and GPRS connection. It can also develop the gateway function for the traffic of information.
    Depending on the requirements, AP-PL-MP320 can be expanded, thanks to the complete compatibility of the modules of the Series Mosaic:
  • AP-2IO_A_6temp: Analog board that can manage I/Os under voltage and current, and different temperature sensors in the market;
  • AP-8IO_D: It can manage 8 digital I/Os.

Thus, each customer can “assemble” an ad-hoc product on the basis of their requirements.

Containers allow inserting the AP-PL-MP320 easily inside electrical switchboards thanks to the DIN mounting rail. The reduced dimensions of this device also facilitate their insertion in restricted spaces.


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