Multi-protocol Gateway

A gateway is a device, usually a Router, which sends network packets out to a LAN network. The simplest networks have only one gateway that sends all the direct traffic to the outside, to Internet.
In more complex networks with a lot of sub-nets, each of these phases refers to a gateway that reroutes the data traffic to the other sub-networks or spreads it to other gateways.


This division comprises products and solutions, such as multi-protocol gateways, among several types of buses and boards for different fieldbuses such as: Lonworks (EIA 709.x), Profibus, Modbus, M-Bus, Hartbus, KNX/EIB, integrated to TCP/IP web-based platforms to RT or Linux operating systems.

The solutions are aimed at industrial and commercial uses; they are highly reliable, provide high performance as well as scalability of the systems.

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Automation systems for Oil & Gas systems

Thanks to digital LonWorks technologies and Profibus and Hart-bus networks, we offer support to engineer communication solutions in the Oil&Gas sector.

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