Rack MP32

Rack 19 can host 1 CPU, 2 analog and 2 digital ones, also in redundant version with HOT-BACKUP management board.

Rack Mp32


Industrial rack for RTUs with the following characteristics:

  • TUV certification No. AK 60020493 0001
  • Version RT32B-104, certified for protocol 60870-5-104 KEMA
  • Programming with OpenPLC: IEC 61131-3
  • Industrial rack according to standards IEC 297 / IEC 6
  • Configuration also in HOT-backup with two RTU32 devices (Master and Slave) in RT32B with the following characteristics:
    • Full visibility for both devices of what happens in the field;
    • Performance usually assigned to the Master;
    • In case of particular events, performance goes to the Slave device, as the communication sequence is not lost;
    • The events that may cause the transfer of the command to the Slave can be programmed according to the type of final function of the device.


Certificazioni DNV GL

IEC 62351-3 and 62351-5 were tested with the DNV GL tools UniGrid Telecontrol Simulator and UniGrid Telecontrol 104 Analyser.


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