"We aren't dealing with ordinary machines here. These are highly complicated pieces of equipment. Almost as complicated as living organisms."
Chief Supervisor, 1973

300/2017/r/eel resolution (dispatching services market – MSD)

With Resolution AEEGSI 300/2017/R/EEL, Terna has opened to consultation the first pilot project related to the participation of the demand to the Dispatching Services Market (MSD) by establishing Enabled Virtual Consumption Units (UVAC in Italian).

Perimeter RTU Annex 6

RTU to manage the monitoring of customers connected to the significant grid (ATT), the device made with redundant HW.


RiGeDi is AiLux solution to handle instability problems in the electricity grid. RiGeDi is a procedure for the Reduction of the Generation Distributed in emergency conditions of the Italian National Electricity System.

Monitoring peripheral unit (UPDM)

Peripheral unit for monitoring protection. An RTU configured to manage cogeneration and wind plants, monolithic architecture and/or remote I/O. In compliance with Terna specifications.

RTU62351 Crypto/Cyber Security IEC/TS 62351

Remote-monitoring RTU-104 device with distributed system made up of products with the quality required by industrial plants. It is available to be applied also with IEC/TS 62351 (cyber security).

Peripheral unit for rolling blackouts (UPDC)

Peripheral units for rolling blackouts, an ideal RTU to manage blackouts. The device can be configured in monolithic solutions, with remote I/O with scanning performance < 7 Msec, management of the internal sum of loads and the conditions of the switches. In compliance with Terna specifications.

RTU art. 23 and art.24 653/2015/r/eel resolution

Compact RTU to monitor micro-outages/voltage quality (flickers, losses of voltage, harmonic distortion) and manage Power Quality (active and reactive power measurement, phase).


LoRaWan Class A device. Service button. RS232/RS485 interface (optional). 2 impulse inputs (optional). USB (optional). Powered with one or two 19h 3.6V batteries or external power supply. Dimensions: 70x75x35mm.

Master Station

A Master Station is a system to monitor and coordinate the activities of other different stations inside a communication system.

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