300/2017/r/eel resolution (dispatching services market – MSD)

Enabled UVAX virtual power units for MSD management

With Resolution AEEGSI 300/2017/R/EEL, Terna has opened to consultation the first pilot project related to the participation of the demand to the Dispatching Services Market (MSD) by establishing Enabled Virtual Consumption Units (UVAC), Production units (UVAP) and Mixed ones (UVAM).

UVAC Architecture
UVAC Architecture

Ailux Solution

Two types of architecture were studied:

  • Architecture for direct connection (UPDC → Terna);
  • Architecture for indirect connection (Concentrator → Terna);
    • IEC -62351 Compliant;
    • Multi-session 104 to Terna (more UVACs managed) may be possible;
    • APN may be used with operator.



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