M-BUS thermal power station regulator

A gateway that, on one side, collects information from the M-Bus/Modbus devices on the field and downloads it on MySql databases, and, on the other side, it provides regulation commands to such M-Bus/Modbus devices according to the requirements of the operating centre.

Regolatore centrale Termica M-BUS


  • Compact gateway with 5 DIN modules
  • Wide power-supply range from 8V to 24V, 20 W
  • Ethernet port 802.3
  • RS232/RS485 interface (Modbus).
  • M-Bus Master for 80 Slaves
  • SD Card up to 18 Gb
  • Digital input, digital output
  • Auto-configuration via MySql


  • Second Ethernet Port
  • Optical fibre
  • Slave M-Bus
  • Second digital input and output

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