RIGEDI: procedure to reduce the generation distributed in emergency conditions of the italian national electricity system

Resolution 421/2014/R/EEL of 7th August 2014 approves Terna’s Annex A 72 to identify a system to solve instability problems of the electricity grid.


To sum up, by 31st August 2015, electricity distributors are compelled to implement a centralised system to send the signals necessary for the activation of the remote tripping in the power production plants of power over or equal to 100 kW powered by wind or sun sources connected to the their own medium-voltage grids or to those owned by the distribution companies implied.

The producers in the plants above that implement the remote-tripping system before 30th June 2015 receive a minimum BONUS of €500 that is halved for the implementation carried out between 1st July and 31st August; for the adjustment after that date and before and not after 31st January 2016, the bonus is reduced to zero.

RiGeDi: The AiLux solution

The Ailux solution is a comprehensive solution that includes all the RiGeDi management modes for both distributors and producers.
More specifically the solution is based on devices that use SMS technology (as set forth in Annex M) as well as hybrid solutions under IEC-60870-5-104 protocol in Controlling, Controlled modes with Reverse Mode option, also for production sites.

Professionalism and technical expertise

Ailux are recognised by a lot of companies and institutes throughout Italy due to their high level of professionalism, technical expertise and continuous updating, which enables them to quickly answer to the changes in a demanding market that is constantly evolving.

Ailux's technical staff are part of the Technical Committee of CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Board).

High performance and reliability of devices

Devices based on RTU-104 solutions installed years ago, such as UPDC, UPDM, Concep, static tension balance, are the hallmarks of the systems that were born in and for the industrial sector.

The study and development of ad hoc systems that help optimisation, and the use of the best technologies currently available in the field, state-of-the-art GPRS, EtherCat solutions, etc.

Comprehensive solutions

Thanks to the right combination of technologies and Ailux devices, a series of hardware and software solutions have been developed to fully cover what is provided for in Annex A72 and Annex M of CEI-0-16. At present we are the only ones that can offer a standard-based, scalable solution, with certain savings.

Our after-sales service offers high flexibility, promptness of response, and telemonitoring, so that customers can minimize ‘dead times’ (hidden yet significant costs).

Legislation and Quality

All Ailux equipment meet the regulatory requirements for Remote Control under IEC-870-5-101/104, IEC-61850, and the systems for control logic management of IEC-611131-3. They are CE marked and TUV certified.
The only Italian company with a certified RTU (UDPC/UPDM); in this way the RTU is compatible and interoperable with all the control and remote control devices of the electrical sub-stations worldwide.

Ailux boast their own testing laboratory made up of equipment for pre-compliance certification.

Ailux's technical staff can conduct software tests following the ISTQB guidelines.

Certification DNV GL

IEC 62351-3 and 62351-5 were tested with the DNV GL tools UniGrid Telecontrol Simulator and UniGrid Telecontrol 104 Analyser.


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Automation systems for electrical sub-stations

We develop flexible and ready-to-go architectures for the automation and remote monitoring of public, private and Multi-utility electrical stations.


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