RTU62351 Crypto/Cyber Security IEC/TS 62351

Remote-monitoring RTU-104 device with distributed system.

A RTU is a Remote Terminal Unit or an electronic control device with micro-processor that connects field objects with a control distributed system or a SCADA.

The device can collect data from the field instruments, monitor digital and analog field parameters and transmit the data to the central monitoring station.

The RTU can be connected to the central supervision system with different communication means (RS232, RS485, RS422, Ethernet, GPS or GPRS) and it can support standard protocols, such as Modbus, to interface with any software of third parties.

Some applications also with IEC/TS 62351 (cyber security):

  • RTU – Automation of electrical sub-stations, be them LV/MV/HV
  • RTU – Automation of gas and heat sub-stations
  • RTU – Central management of the remote production plants as per CEI 0-16 Annex M
  • Gateway - between 60870-5-101/104, IEC 60850, ModBus, SMS, M-Bus
  • ConCEP – Energy management, consumption control, etc.
  • UPDC and UPDM – as per TERNA specifications

The devices made with products with the quality required for the needs of industrial plants.

certification dnv-gl

IEC 62351-3 and 62351-5 were tested with the DNV GL tools UniGrid Telecontrol Simulator and UniGrid Telecontrol 104 Analyser.


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Automation systems for electrical sub-stations

We develop flexible and ready-to-go architectures for the automation and remote monitoring of public, private and Multi-utility electrical stations.


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