RTU art. 23 and art.24 653/2015/r/eel resolution

Compact RTU to monitor micro-outages/voltage quality (flickers, losses of voltage, harmonic distortion) and manage Power Quality (active and reactive power measurement, phase).

RTU art. 23 and art.24 653/2015/r/eel resolution
Certification DNL-GL

IEC 62351-3 and 62351-5 were tested with the DNV GL tools UniGrid Telecontrol Simulator and UniGrid Telecontrol 104 Analyser.


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Automation systems for electrical sub-stations

We develop flexible and ready-to-go architectures for the automation and remote monitoring of public, private and Multi-utility electrical stations.

Monitoring of voltage quality

AiLux installs the MP3G apparatus for monitoring the quality of the voltage and the micro-interruptions…


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