Peripheral unit for rolling blackouts (UPDC)

A UPDC device is a remote-monitoring system specifically made for interruptible customers.
Thus, the users that would like to access to the invitations to tender for the assignment of rolling blackouts shares can use this device because it complies with the Technical Provisions for the connection to interruptible control board.

Unità periferica distacco carichi (UPDC)

The installation implies moderate plant work, but the configuration must be necessarily carried out by qualified personnel so as to guarantee the correct insertion into the Italian National Electricity System.
The devices made with products with the quality required for the needs of industrial plants.

The whole is housed inside an electric cabinet made for interruptible customers.

Certification DNV GL

IEC 62351-3 and 62351-5 were tested with the DNV GL tools UniGrid Telecontrol Simulator and UniGrid Telecontrol 104 Analyser.


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