Vulnerability and protection of industrial networks. Interesting seminar organized by Csmt Multisectoral and Technological Services Center of Brescia focused on the degree of vulnerability and on the protection methodologies applicable to industrial networks. The guiding thread is the IEC62443 standard, an internationally widespread standard for the protection of control and remote control networks and systems […]

AiLux participates in the XI edition of Enermanagement on 18/06/2019

Enermanagement of 06/18/2019: AiLux is there. AiLux is present at Enermanagement XI: the reference conference on energymanagement. Interesting intervention by colleague Ing. Viano of Softeco, our partner company in the msd dispatching services market, focused on the intelligent system for energy analysis and optimization.

AiLux takes part in the 5th edition of the Cset Conference of 11/06/2019

Cyber Security for national critical infrastructures: 5th conference in Genoa AiLux is present at the 5th edition of the Cset Conference on safety for national critical infrastructures. This type of site, essential and of vital importance, provides primary services for us citizens and for the entire economic and industrial system of our country. Criminal or […]

AiLux participates in “Cyber Security Services and Solution” organized by DNV-GL On 14/05/2019

After the blackouts in North America and the most recent in Eastern Europe, the security of the electricity grid is increasingly becoming a topic of interest not only for market operators and for large users. Recently, the US National Security Department admitted that hackers violated the defenses of hundreds of companies, including some energy utilities. […]

AiLux organizes a second seminar on Uvam on 03/26/2019

The future begins today, not tomorrow. On Wednesday 26 March 2019, AiLux organized, together with Softeco and Ingénierie & Energie, at the headquarters of Aiget (Italian Association of Energy Wholesalers and Traders), a second training seminar on the dispatching services market “MSD from UVAM to the BSP: market evolution and opportunities for operators “. The […]

AiLux present at Saet & Partners on 03/22/19

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success. AiLux participates in Saet & Partners with a speech on cybersecurity by colleague Stefano Pini. After the blackouts in North America and the most recent in Eastern Europe, the security of the electricity grid becomes more and more a topic of interest […]

AiLux participates in the Smart City Convention on 11/02/2019

We are very interested in the future: it is there that we will spend the rest of our lives. #AiLux participates in the event organized by FPA in collaboration with # A2A Smart City on the governance and skills / technologies enabling the growth of the territory of the province of Brescia. The conference was […]


AEIT seminar on the transformation of the electrical system: AiLux present. The last AEIT meeting on the new management needs related to the transformation of the electricity market was held at the Edison customer’s headquarters in the prestigious Shareholders’ Meeting. Very interesting are the interventions of some speakers, in particular those on the economic potential […]

AiLux present at EMR 2018 on October 25th

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best moment is now. It opens with a focus on the UVA Virtual Units Enabled the Electricity Market Report 2018 promoted by the ES-Energy & Strategy Group held on October 25 at the Magna Carassa-Dadda Hall of the Milan Polytechnic. Projected and commented on the […]

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